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Prepping Blog [dot] com is a website and blog dedicated to spreading and aggregating information about prepping, sustainable living, food storage, canning, survivalism,  and preparedness topics.  Our goal is to not spread fear about possible disasters that may occur, but to help people increase their personal state of readiness and to give information that can help you build your metal preparedness toolbox along with your physical preparedness toolbox.

PreppingBlog is maintained by Nate. Nate has had a homesteading, self-sufficient mindset for a good part of his life, he grew up in western Minnesota and now lives in the Minneapolis, Metropolitan area.

Define: Prepping

“Prepping” is essentially just another term for survivalism but, the problem with calling one’s self a survivalist though is that this is often negatively viewed, due to bad press that “survivalists” and extreme militias have brought onto the term of survivalist. The same is becoming true of the word “prepper” as some people have turned the world “prepping” into a negative word just like the word “survivalist”.

There is a wide scope of why people prep and how people prep, some people focus solely on the food and water aspect of prepping, while some really focus on the shelter aspect of prepping and others focus very heavily on the protection aspect of prepping. In actuality all three (nourishment, shelter, and protection) are all very important to surviving any disaster for any amount of time.

Note From Author

Feel free to take a look around my site, you will not see me pushing any fear or doomsday conspiracy theories via this blog. If you do enjoy my content here, feel free to checkout my YouTube channel, and subscribe to this blog via email on the righthand side.

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Featured YouTube Prepper: The LowBuck Prepper

Introduction TheLowBuckPrepper “LowBuck” is a new channel name for the prepper that was featured a while back on this blog called LowBuckPrepper. Lowbuck’s format has not really changed since changing his channel name, he still focuses primarily on having fun, and sharing information; as his name suggests his channel focuses on cost effective ways to …

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! To everyone that follows Nate’s Homestead and PreppingBlog.

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Fresh Princess

Featured YouTuber: Fresh Princess

Introduction Fresh Princess “Fresh P” is Wranglerstar‘s sister, she started uploading videos in late 2013. Fresh P’s content follows the idea that food is medicine, and to live a healthy life you need to eat healthy. I am not sure if Fresh P would consider herself a prepper, but she for sure falls into the …

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Green bag with pals webbing present, load straps under the main flap with over sized buckle, single oversized strap toward back of bag, on white background

Review: Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger

Introduction I bought the Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger bag about 6 months ago after searching off and on for a couple weeks on what the best bag for my use would be. I was looking for a bag where I could conceal a larger pistol (I have a Minnesota Permit to Carry) and also easily carry a couple …

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WranglerStar and his Wife

Featured YouTube Prepper: WranglerStar

Introduction WranglerStar “Cody” is a YouTube channel that documents his life as a homesteader in the western United States in the Rocky Mountains. WranglerStar shares a-lot about his life including via his YouTube channel including forest management topics, DIY blacksmith projects, DIY leather-working projects, his wife shares cooking and food preservation information via his channel, DIY tool restoration, …

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Multiple sizes of cloth diapers present in the photo demonstrating the sizes, the newborn size is at the top of the stack, moving to the small size, and then the medium size, then large, and extra large. The diapers have color-coded overcasting on two edges in the same order, orange, yellow, red, brown, and green.

Tip Monday: Cloth Diapers (for the Frugal Prepper)

Introduction to Cloth Diapers Saving money is one of the biggest parts of prepping; being able to guarantee your family’s financial well being. When a new child is born to your family, one of the biggest expenses you will face is diapers and a good way to head off this significant expense is to use …

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Amdro Powerflex: Insect and Weed Killer

I wanted to share this review that I wrote with you all on this blog. I received this product for free through bzzagent, though I have not improved my opinion based on receiving this product for free. I do think that the Amdro Powerflex does fit into the prepping lifestyle as it takes most of the headache out of …

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White background, with cartooon angry eyes, in black, with in all capital blue bold text "AWAKE! RADIO" then in small text it says, "Hosted by: Robert Rowe" there is a small blue reflection under the "AWAKE! RADIO" logo

Liberty Villages – Awake!Radio

In this episode Robert Rowe (frequent guest blogger); discusses Freedom Villages. Freedom villages are little communities that are popping up all around the United States that are they respect property rights, allow you to do whatever you want with your land, extensively vet their members, and encourage barter economies. Robert discusses how to vet the village to see if …

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White background with a Pressure canner, Silver in color, the pressure canner pot is at the top of the image, with two Bakelite wing-nuts present in the middle of the image, the pressure canner has two Bakelite handles protruding from the side of the canner, the outside is shiny aluminum is highly polished on the outside, there are two grates used for stacking the cans on on the left side of the image, and center bottom the instruction manual is present, to the right leaning vertically against the pressure canner there is the lid with Bakelite handle in the center, pressure gauge attached and toward the top of the canner, vent present toward the bottom of the lid as it is standing on it's side, the weighted gauge shows in the bottom right as a small silver circle.

Review: All American 941

Review: I have used this All American 941 Pressure Canner multiple times now and it is a serious workhorse. This canner will handle 19 quart jars or 32 pint jars on each load. This means that you spend less time processing your jars, because the capacity is so great. With the average process time being …

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Homeschool – Awake!Radio

In this episode Robert Rowe (frequent guest blogger); discusses homeschooling. This has recently become a hot button topic here in the United States with Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States comments on making home schooling illegal. Nate (primary person behind Prepping Blog), was home schooled through a co-op type situation where multiple parents would volunteer to teach each …

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